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30 April 2012

I am very happy to reflect on the way in which Kempsey Property Sales sold my parents property in 2011.
My parents had been in touch with you well before I came on the scene and they reported that you were very supportive, while also being realistic about the condition of the market at the time. They appreciated both. I had had an interstate phone call with you and I found you very easy to talk to and, later, when I met you, I immediately warmed to you.
When I arrived from interstate, I first met Ian who advised us that there was a potential buyer. I found Ian to be friendly, down to earth, and, again, realistic - all of which I appreciated. As we progressed with the potential sale, I also discovered that Ian was a very good negotiator.
We found both you and Ian to be friendly and efficient and I would happily recommend any potential customer to you. 

Meredith Secomb

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